Germany´s brewing tradition is well known worldwide, but it is also true that nowadays, the beer variety that is being brewed is becoming more and more diverse and interesting due to the emerging craft beer scene.

For that reason, from the craft beer finder Localbier, we´ve decided to make a list with 9 great german craft beers you can find out there. This list isn´t a ranking of the best beers from germany, it is just what the title says, a list of 9 great german craft beers (for sure there are many other great ones, this is just an interesting example of some of them ).

These beers were chosen by 3 different craft beer venues from Berlin. A bar, a beer shop and a restaurant: The Castle Pub, Bierlieb and Salt n Bone.

If you want to know the beer offer of these 3 venues in real time, you just have to click on the links we´ve just shared or on the links you will find next to each beer you´ll find in this post.

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   1.-SCHOPPE BRAU – Xpa Pale Ale 7% – The Castle Pub ( Hochstr. 2, Berlin)

Schoppe Brau

“This Kreuzberg-born, small-batch brewery with a focus on quality ingredients and fuss-free methods (who needs filtering or character-lacking flavors?) was our first Tap Takeover – and it remains a favourite of ours. Its X-berg Pale Ale is dark amber with subtle sweetness and citrus notes. With a good kick at 7% and balanced flavors, it’s another great pick for autumn” The Castle Pub

2.- SPEZIAL RAUCHBIER – Brauerei Spezial Smoked 4,6 % – Bierlieb (Petersburgerstr. 30, Berlin)

Brauerei spezial

“This wonderfully mild and yet strongly smoked lager combined the softness of the beer with the intensity of the smokiness. Soft, smoky and slightly sweet, this beer appeals to the masses, whether or not you’re a stronmg advocate of the smoked style” Bierlieb

3.- BERLINER BERG PALE ALE – Berliner Berg Brauerei American Pale Ale 5,5% – Salt n Bone (Schliemannstr. 31, Berlin )

Berliner Berg Pale Ale

“Super consistent craft brewery, really fresh and not overly complicated, great session beer” Salt n Bone

4.- BULL MOOSE PORTER – Two Fellas brewery Porter 6% The Castle Pub ( Hochstr. 2, Berlin)

Resultado de imagen de BULL MOOSE PORTER - Two Fellas brewery

“Admittedly, we’re a little biased: These Two Fellas got started brewing in our very own kitchen. Loyalties aside, these guys have really brewed a winner in this Roosevelt-inspired porter, with classic notes of chocolate and coffee. We might be so bold as to call it the perfect autumnal beer” The Castle Pub

5.- ZWERGLA – Brauerei Fässla Dunkel 6% – Bierlieb (Petersburgerstr. 30, Berlin)

Fässla Zwergla

“Smooth, nutty and creamy, the Zergla is the most wonderful of dark lagers ever! Dangerously quaffable!” Bierlieb

6.- HEIDENPETERS AMERICAN IPA – Heidenpeters American IPA 6,5% – Salt n Bone ( Schliemannstr. 31, Berlin)

Heidenpeters American IPA

” It’s got this big fruity nose, massively juicy mouth feel with a well balenced dry bitter finish” Salt n Bone

7.- TAP 5 HOPFENWEISSE – Schneider Weisse Weizen Bock 8,2 % – Bierlieb (Peterburgerstr. 30, Berlin)

Tap 5 Schneider weisse

“Heavy, hearty, fruity and hoppy- the Tap 5 combines some of my favourite features of various beer styles all in one. A hefty drink!” Bierlieb

8.- CRAZY BASTARD CHILLI PORTER – Pirate Brew Porter 5,6 % – The Castle Pub ( Hochstr. 2, Berlin)

pirate brew

“We love the laid-back style of Andreas and Christina’s craft beer project they began in 2015, their love of dark beers keeping them singularly focused on unapologetic, aggressive black brews with a pirate flair. This spicy porter is a perfect example: a Trinidad Scorpion Chili kick amidst a deep, flavorful porter, it’s one of our favorite ways to warm things up when it gets cold outside” The Castle Pub

9.- AECHT SCHLENKERLA RAUCHBIER – Schlenkerla Smoked 5,1% – Salt n Bone (Schliemannstr. 31, Berlin) 

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier

“Whopper smoked ham aroma on the nose, amazing for pairing with food” Salt n Bone

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